Avoid Parkhill Imports at All Cost

Reviews of Parkhill Imports / Sullivan-Parkhill Imports Champaign, IL

Mike Lawson, Service Manager

First, let's start with this:

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Here's our story:

We were charged $220 (two hours) for a visit where mechanic interacted with vehicle for maybe 10 minutes
and failed to solve the problem which led to the visit.

Apparently fraudulent invoice from Parkhill

Just a few minutes before dropping Sprinter at Parkhill Imports, we checked the DEF tank and added about
a quart to top it off:

Checking DEF before heading to Parkhill Imports

Then we took it to Parkhill Imports. Here's a video of the entire visit:

Video of Parkhill Imports Rip-Off

Note that the hillbilly mechanic spends no more than about 10 minutes on the vehicle. Visit should have 
been covered by warranty, but we were billed two hours @ $110/hr.

The DEF tank holds 4-5 gallons of DEF. The low DEF alarm was on with the DEF down one quart. In other 
words, the DEF tank had more than 4 gallons in it when the low DEF alarm was on. We know this because 
the DEF tank would only accept about 1 quart of DEF 3 miles before Parkhill Imports received the 
vehicle. In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Mike Lawson at Parkhill imports foolishly 
insisted that we had run the tank dry, which we most certainly had not.

Foolish Mike went on to claim that the remaining-starts countdown (shows up on the dashboard) had been
initiated during a previous trip. But neither our driver nor our in-house mechanic observed the remaining-
starts countdown on the dashboard. Mike Lawson was clearly lying to support his illogical, unsupported

There is a discussion of this situation on Sprinter-Forum.com:

Sprinter-Forum DEF discussion

We're pretty sure we'll get another false alarm soon since they did nothing to resolve the underlying 
problem of a bad sensor or similar.

We also contacted Mercedes customer support regarding this matter. They promised to get back to us 
same-day. We weren't too surprised when they didn't. How does a premium brand get away with absolutely
horrible customer service? 

Call Log from 6/2/15

I talked to Mike Lawson at Sullivan Parkhill several times today, as follows (paraphrased):

10:21 AM: Called to see if they would S-P would like to refund the credit card before we reverse the 
charge ourselves. Lawson stated that they were not going to do anything on their end.

11:09 AM: Called to confirm that we would be reversing the credit card charge, and that S-P did not 
want to refund the charges.

11:45 AM: Lawson calls back and leaves a very partial message, containing absolutely no information 
other than his name.

2:17 PM: Called Lawson, left message.

2:29 PM: Lawson returns phone call. I inquired about the hourly charge for the technicians work, and 
told him the amount of our bill, wondering how our bill could have been so high considering the work 
done on the vehicle was minimal. Lawson claimed to not know the service charge per hour, and would 
not give me a breakdown of the charges on the invoice, rather informing me that I had the invoice to 
look at.

2:46 PM: Called and spoke to receptionist in the Mercedes service center and was informed that the 
technicians charge $110 per hour for labor.

If you're looking for Mercedes Service, Parkhill Imports shouldn't even cross your mind. Go somewhere else!

Update 6/3/15 

A mere 150 miles after Parkhill reset false alarms rather than fixing the cause of the false alarms, 
Sprinter is displaying check engine light. We've taken it to the competent folks at Stoops Freightliner. 
Based on prior experience, we expect to have it back tomorrow or the next day, with problems properly 
diagnosed and corrected.

Update 6/4/15

Received a phone message from the hillbilly prick who owns Sullivan-Parkhill:

""Mike P*****, this is David Parkhill calling, as long as there is bullshit
on the internet about Sullivan Parkhill, we will not sell you parts or
provide any service on your fleet of vehicles. That's your answer. Have a
good day."

Dave Parkhill is third generation Parkhill child, if I recall correctly. Not sure why he doesn't 
understand that he's already been terminated. We would only consider using them again if he corrects 
the problems described above. Escalating them doesn't really help his cause.

Here is the voicemail. 

David Parkhill

It has been edited to remove our employee's last name. Apparently, anyone who criticises this guy's 
dealership online will be refused service? I wonder where MBUSA stands on this matter.

Update 6/4/15 Afternoon

We just heard from the good dealer - Stoops Freightliner in Indianapolis. Here's what they said:

"this unit is done we had to relearn the DEF system it was full and only reading 1/4 tank. It is 
done and ready to go. This will be warranty."

The way I'm reading that is the DEF level sensor was calibrated incorrectly. When tank is at 3/4 
full, Sprinter thinks it's empty.

A good dealer doesn't reset an alarm and declare the problem fixed. A good dealer asks what caused 
the problem in the first place, rolls his sleeves up, and doesn't give up until the source of the 
problem has been found. Stoops is a good dealer.

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